About Us

Developed at Fikes Brace and Limb

The Doff N' Donner was conceived, prototyped, developed and patented by Ray Fikes CPO who is the owner of Fikes Brace and Limb in Mesa Arizona.  Throughout the 40 year career of Ray Fikes in Orthotics, 27 of those years were spent in frustration with how hard it was to put on compression garments. 

As an orthotist, Ray was ordered to fit physician’s patient’s with prescribed garments and found it as hard as everyone else to accomplish.  All of the donning and doffing aids on the market were cumbersome and ineffective.  And in the cases where they were effective, they would only work on certain garments and/or certain limbs.  There was a need to make a donning device that would work as a Donner and a Doffer and on any garment. 

The Doff N' Donner is the only garment donning device that will work on almost any limb and any garment.  It is also the only device that utilizes hydraulics to accomplish its tasks.

If you are an amputee, or know someone who is, and they need an innovative approach to their prosthetic needs with the same unique inventive approach used in developing the Doff N' Donner, then call Fikes Brace and Limb at 480-981-7393 or contact us at info@fikesnet.com for a free evaluation.