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What is a Doff N' Donner (introduction)

 The Doff N’ Donner is a “Toroid”, or in laymen’s terms an infinitely shaped stretchy water balloon. It is used to doff and don compression garments of all shapes, styles, and compression levels.

What makes the Doff N’ Donner different from other devices is that it is a Doffer as well as a Donner. It is unique in that it is an assistive device that conforms to the garment, eliminating the need to over-stretch as with other donning devices.

The Doff N’ Donner was invented by a caregiver, to assist other caregivers in utilizing a “push” mentality rather than the traditional “pull strategy employed by patients. Then the technology was further refined, to make it easier for patients to use themselves. 

Because the Doff N’ Donner “conveys” the garment, it rolls right over bandages, freshly lotioned or moist limbs, and even scar management pads!


Loading the Doff n' Donner with your stocking (instructions)


  • A.) Place your Cone applicator on a smooth & sturdy clean surface, like a kitchen or bathroom countertop... or even a smooth tile floor.  With one hand, push down slightly on the top of the Cone to stabilize the base. With the other hand, turn the lever from right to left, attaching the suction base to the surface.  


  • A.) Place the top of your stocking on the Cone, just like applying to a leg upside down. 
  • B.) Smooth ALL wrinkles of stocking to the bottom of the Cone.
  • C.) Firmly pinch/grab your Doff N’ Donner sleeve (so it does not “roll” out of your hands), pick it up and place it over the top of the Cone, guiding it with your hands…or simply letting it roll itself to the bottom.
  • D.) Place your hands on each side of the Cone and with your thumbs and fingers grab all wrinkled fabric, pulling this excess fabric slightly OUT... and then UP, while shaking slightly to remove any wrinkles.  (Your stocking is now rolling around the Doff N’ Donner sleeve.) 
  • E.) Continue to pull the fabric up to the proper level, depending on your STOCKING TYPE  below.

  1. CLOSED TOE and OPEN TOE knee high - pull fabric 2-3 inches below the top of Cone.
  2. CLOSED TOE and OPEN TOE thigh high - Pull fabric above the top of Cone 2-3 inches. 

  • F.) Once fabric has been pulled up to the proper point for your stocking type, place both hands on each side of the Doff N’ Donner sleeve, and roll it up the Cone allowing the outer layer of garment to become rolled into the inside of the Donner sleeve and continue rolling up and off .  

  1. CLOSED TOE ROLL FINISH:  Continue rolling until the toe of the stocking creates a capped or FLAT END.  
  2. OPEN TOE ROLL FINISH: Continue rolling until the toe band of the stocking is approximately 1 inch below the top of the rolled Doff N Donner sleeve.   


How to apply the loaded Doff n' donner to your leg (instructions)


  • A.) FIRST, before donning, you must identify the heel of your stocking, by looking for the reinforcement seam. The reinforced heel seam MUST FACE DOWN, AND MUST POINT AWAY FROM TOES for the Donning process!! 
  • B.)  WITH HEEL FACING DOWN, AND OPPOSITE END OF HEEL FACING TOES, use both hands to ROLL (for self/patient application), or PUSH (for caregiver application) over the foot, while applying some EXTRA pressure over the TOP of the foot, for easier application over the heel. 
  • C.)  After the loaded device is successfully over the heel, FINISH by continuing to ROLL or PUSH up the leg. Once the stocking is donned, allow the empty Donner sleeve to roll down and off the leg.
  • D.) If any wrinkles remain, grab your Doff N’ Donner sleeve with both hands, and “swipe” them away.  Or if your heel placement needs adjustment, you can swipe that into place as well.   NO GLOVES ARE NECESSARY! In fact, the Doff N’ Donner sleeve’s tacky material (TPE - Latex-Free) is far superior than any gloves on the market.


  • A.) With both hands, ROLL the Doff N’ Donner sleeve over foot, and up to the highest comfortable point below the top of your stocking.  Depending on where that comfortable point is for you, either pinch the top of the sleeve and stocking fabric together, OR pull the top of the stocking over the top of the sleeve.  
  • B.) Give a push toward the ankle; the device should roll your stocking easily down and off the foot. To remove stocking from  Doff N’ Donner sleeve, place the Loaded Doff N’ Donner on Cone applicator, and separate stocking from the Donner sleeve for washing.

doff n' donner products

Doff n' Donner and Cone


 The Doff N' Donner is the tool that applies or conveys the stocking onto the limb. The Cone helps load the stocking onto the Doff N' Donner.

(Sold separately or as a Combo pack)

The runway


The Runway is a Doff N' Donner accessory that aids in a more hands free Donning technique.  

the chute


The Chute is a Doff N' Donner accessory 

that aids in applying the loaded Doff N' Donner to the limb with minimal bending.

disinfection Bags

Disinfection bags will help with the disinfecting process of your Doff N' Donner as well as isolate your Cone from infectious diseases when dealing with multiple patients.